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Sex products delivered to dorms




Advertisements for sexual products are seen at universities.
Advertisements for sexual products are seen at universities.

《城 市晚报》报道,大学生对婚前性行为不再避讳。性用品广告已深入到学校,只要打一个电话,避孕药、试纸等性用品就可以送到大学生的寝室。在长春某大学的一家 连锁超市里,不同种类的避孕套被放在显眼的位置上。在这所大学西侧的一条街上有五家小旅店,来住店的基本都是学生,每到周末人就特别多,房间还要提前预 订。


据《扬子晚报》报道,江苏南京50名环卫工人上周受到亿万富翁陈光标的慈善捐助,但 他们所得到的善款和羽绒服却被上级收走。11月29日,陈光标为59岁的环卫工人吴秀英庆生,给了她1000元作礼物,另外49名环卫工人也分别获得了 500元的捐助,并且每人都分得一件羽绒服。但是他们的上级领导却将这些捐助收走。对此,该领导解释说,参加捐助仪式的人只是100名员工的代表而已,她 会在年底时将这些善款平分给大家,羽绒服也将奖给该年度的先进工作者。




华商网消息,陕西宝鸡人张某由于儿子啼哭吐奶,将其摔死。今年2月19日,张某在租 住房内给不到两岁的儿子喂奶时,因孩子吐奶并不停啼哭,张某非常气愤,遂将儿子反复在地面抛摔,致其头部受伤,在送往医院途中夭折。经鉴定张某作案时自控 能力差,系限制性行为能力人。12月3日,宝鸡市金台区法院判处张某有期徒刑5年。



Sex products delivered to dorms

Chinese university students are more tolerant toward having sex before marriage, the Metro Evening News reports. Advertisements for sexual products are seen at universities. Students just need to make a call and sexual products such as contraceptives or pregnancy tests will be sent to their dormitories. In a supermarket inside a university in Changchun, various kinds of condoms are put on the tops of the shelves. On a street west to this university, there are five hostels whose clients are mostly students. During weekends the hostels are popular and the rooms must be booked in advance.

Billionaire's gifts confiscated

The manager of 100 street sweepers in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, has taken the money and coats given to them by billionaire philanthropist Chen Guangbiao last week, Yangtze Evening News reports. Chen gave Wu Xiuying 1,000 yuan on Nov. 29 for her 59th birthday and 500 yuan each to 49 of her coworkers, as well as down puffer coats for all of them. Now their manager has reportedly taken the gifts, saying her employees had attended the "donation ceremony" on behalf of all her 100 employees. The manager says she will divide the money equally among all employees at the end of the year and give the coats to an "excellent worker of the year."

26 dead in coal mine accident

Twenty-six people were confirmed dead after a gas explosion at a coal mine of Juyuan Coal Industry Company in Mianchi County, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, Xinhua reports. A total of 46 miners were working underground when the gas blast occurred Tuesday afternoon. Only 20 of them were lifted to the ground safely.

Mother kills son for vomiting milk

Zhang from Baoji, Shaanxi Province killed her one-year-old son because he cried and vomited milk, reports. On Feb. 29, while Zhang was feeding her son in the apartment she rented, her son kept vomiting milk and crying. Zhang got angry and threw him onto the floor for multiple times. The boy's head was injured and died on the way to hospital. After an examination, the court ruled Zhang as a person with limited ability of civil conduct could not totally control her behavior. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Jintai court of Baoji.

China-Singapore rail set for construction

The construction of the high-speed rail network linking China and Singapore via Laos, Thailand and Malaysia is set to begin next year, Beijing Times reports. It will take four years to complete.