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据《人民日报》消息,中国教育部已经开始抽检上一学年博士论文,旨在确保博士毕业生 的质量。随机抽检的论文将直接从国家图书馆数据库中提取,博士点如发现多篇论文抽检不合格,将被取消学位授予资格。另悉,从1999至2009的10年 间,中国的博士研究生数量从5.4万人激增至24.63万人。









China re-appraises Ph.D. candidates

The Ministry of Education is beginning to re-examine doctoral theses from the last academic year in an effort to maintain the quality of the country's doctoral graduates, People's Daily reports. Papers for re-examination will be chosen at random from the National Library database, and disciplines that are found to have approved too many sub-standard theses will be suspended from awarding degrees. The number of doctoral candidates has drastically risen over the last decade, from 54,000 in 1999 to 246,300 last year.

China's R&D spending accounts for 1.7% of GDP

China National Statistics Bureau and five other state departments released statistics on Nov. 22 show China's research and development (R&D) spending in 2009 accounts for 1.7% of its GDP, an increase of 0.8 percentage points from 2000. The ratio of GDP to spending on R&D gives an indication of a country's investment in independent innovation. Developed countries spend over 2% of their GDP on R&D.

70% of men unsatisfied with sex lives

In a survey published by Chinese Medical Development Research Council, 70 percent of Chinese men marked their satisfaction with their sexual life below the "pass score" of 60 points, reports. The survey polled more than 30,000 men. Pressure from work is the largely to blame, 47 percent of participants cited this as the main reason. Lack of exercise is also an issue. Less than 1 percent of young people work out once a week.

Antique furniture fetches record price

A Chinese Ming dynasty Huanghuali six-post canopy bed sold for 43.12 million yuan at the autumn auction of China Guardian in Beijing Monday, Xinhua reports. The price sets a record for antique Huanghuali furniture at auction.

Lao Yi makes history at Asiad

Hosts China claimed a historic gold medal at Asiad Monday as sprinter Lao Yi clocked 10'24'' to become the first Chinese winner of the men's 100 meters title at the Asian Games, Xinhua reports.