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lesson 5


"Brother Sharp" is the nickname of a homeless man who used to spend his days and nights wandering the streets of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Thanks to his "good looks and sharp dress sense," he has gained star status and become one of the most talked about personalities in Chinese cyberspace.


Nicknamed by his horde of online fans as the "Handsome Vagabond", the "Beggar Prince" and, most often, "Brother Sharp", the homeless stunner has been dubbed the "coolest man in China".


The first person to post Brother Sharp's photographs on wrote that the vagabond "may be mentally disturbed" and asked netizens not to bother him.


Still, Brother Sharp's unexpected fame helped his family find him. He is Cheng Guorong, 34, from Poyang County of Jiangxi Province. He left home for work in 2000 and lost contact with his family three years later. His father and wife died in a car accident a year ago. He has two sons, aged 10 and 11.


Relatives said Cheng Guorong is a proud man and his mental illness may be linked with the pressures he faced in life.