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China launched its sixth navigation satellite early in the morning from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.
China launched its sixth navigation satellite early in the morning from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.



据《广州日报》报道,近期国际农产品涨价压力逐步传导至国内终端产品,国内市场的食 用油10月底出现新一轮上涨,幅度达到10%。古井贡酒决定从10月29日开始,年份原浆系列产品价格上涨5%到20%。这是继8月茅台、五粮液、国窖 1573及水井坊提价之后的又一高端白酒品牌涨价。方便面巨头康师傅从11月1日起也将其“经典袋面系列”涨价10%。


从10月1日起,青岛市在全省率先实行骨灰免费撒海(海葬)活动。23日,免费海葬 政策后的首次海葬活动在大麦岛外海海域举行,427具逝者骨灰被撒向大海,1200余名逝者家属海上送别亲人。支持者认为海葬绿色、环保、节俭,但在如潮 好评背后,保守人士认为海葬“不是入土为安”,甚至认为“骨灰对大海有污染”。不过,专业人士称骨灰对大海不会造成污染。





China launches 6th GPS satellite

China launched its sixth navigation satellite early in the morning from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The "Beidou," or compass navigation satellite will form part of China's indigenous satellite-navigation and positioning network, reported Xinhua. The network will eventually consist of 35 satellites and be operational for Asia-Pacific by 2012 and globally by 2020.

Oil, wine and noodles prices rise

The price-rising pressure of international agricultural products affected China's products recently, reported the Guangzhou Daily. Edible oil price rose 10 percent at the end of October. Gujing Group decided to raise the price of original Chinese spirits by 5 to 20 percent from Oct 29. Four large Chinese spirits groups, Maotai, Wuliangye, Gujiao 1573 and Shuijingfang, already raised their prices in August. The biggest instant noodle group, Masterkong, raised the price of its classic instant noodles by 10 percent from Nov 1.

Sea burial in Qingdao controversial

Qingdao started free sea burials from Oct. 1, and the first occurred in Shandong Province. The sea-burial ceremony was held at the open-water area of Damaidao on Oct 23. 427 boxes of bone ashes were spilled into the sea, and their 1,200 relatives joined in the ceremony. The supporters think sea-burial is green and economical. However, some oppose it. They think the dead can only receive peace after being buried. There are also some people who think bone ash pollutes the sea, but the professionals disagree.

Police advise silent alarm

The Beijing News reports that police have advised citizens in Beijing to repeatedly dial the 110 emergency number in situations where they're unable to speak. The police will locate the source of the alarm with the help of telecom companies and take action.

Pay rise and tax reduction an urge

A survey by All China Federation of Trade Unions shows that a total of 23.4 percent of the working population had no salary increase during the past five years, the People's Daily reported. The income disparity between different industries is also becoming alarmingly polarized. Meanwhile, the working middle class in most Chinese cities are suffering from a relatively high income tax rate, which cancels whatever income increases they received, if any. Tax reduction for the middle class is being urged to increase the wealth of this social stratum.