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《环球时报》消息,中国社科院发布的社会蓝皮书指出,中国社会的贫富差距持续增长, 今年达到警戒高位。中国的基尼指数是0.5,超过了国际公认的0.4警戒线,基尼指数是收入平衡的指向标。报告同时指出,过去一年来,百姓的不满意程度显 著上升。由于通货膨胀、高房价、高物价,就业机会少、社会治安差以及缺少休闲生活,城市、小城镇和农村地区居民总的生活满意度下降了6个百分点。报告还指 出,中国正迅速从农业社会转向工业社会,越来越多的农民涌向城市。

Five problems of Chinese society in 2010

According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' annual Blue Book of China's Society, the income gap between rich and poor continues to grow and has reached an alarming level this year, the Global Times reports. China's Gini Coefficient -- an indicator of income inequality -- is at 0.5, exceeding the commonly recognized warning threshold of 0.4. The report also found that social discontent has risen markedly in the past year. "Overall life satisfaction" has declined up to 6% in cities, small towns and rural areas, over concerns of high inflation, soaring housing and commodity prices, employment opportunities, social security and leisure provisions. It also says China is fast moving from an agricultural society to an industrial one, with more farmers moving to the cities.