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lesson 26

My father is Li Gang!





Li Gang currently may be the most famous father in China.


He is deputy chief of the Baoding City Public Security Bureau branch in north China's Hebei Province. He was like any other father until his son, Li Qiming, catapulted him into notoriety.

2010年10月16日,李启铭酒后驾车在河北大学校区内撞倒两名学生。事发地点河 北大学地处北市区,正是其父管辖的区域。事发后,李启铭没有停车,直到被学校的保安和学生们拦下。下车后,该肇事者竟然口出狂言:“有本事你们告去,我爸 是李刚!”其中的一名受害者经抢救无效死亡。

Li Qiming was alleged to have said "Sue me if you dare. My father is Li Gang," after driving his car into two students while under the influence of alcohol, on October 16 at Hebei University in Beishi District, which is under his father's administration. He did not stop the car until he was intercepted by security guards and students on campus. One of the victims later died despite emergency rescue efforts.


His remarks have spread online and provoked a mixture of angry and mocking reactions from millions of Chinese citizens.


Microblog website held a contest that asked people to make sentences using the phrase "My father is Li Gang". Entries included "No need to panic after any crime, because my father is Li Gang," and "I never pay my telephone bills because my father is Li Gang," etc.