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据《深圳特区报》报道,于洪胤经过80天终于在11月16日完成了从深圳到北京 2600公里的徒步之旅。他这次徒步行走的目的就是宣传低碳、支持亚运。8月29日,于洪胤背着50多斤的装备独自上路了。他沿着107国道前行,每天行 走的极限大约是70公里。他经常走到深夜,就地扎营过夜。





Wife decides on abortion

It won't be a violation of husband's rights if the wife decides to have an abortion on her own, according to the Supreme Court's lawful explanation of China's marriage law. Even though both husband and wife share birth rights, the woman is vulnerable to risks during pregnancy and delivery. For health precautions, the woman should have the right to decide whether to have an abortion or not, China National Radio reported.

Friends learn they're twin sisters

Two women who have been friends since they were 14 found out in 2006 that they are actually twin sisters, reported. Hua Xia and Ma Ling have been living in the same city -- Luoyang, Henan, since they were adopted by two families. This month they also learned the whereabouts of their siblings and are now planning a family

Man walks from Shenzhen to Beijing

Yu Hongyin has finally finished the 2,600-kilometer journey from Shenzhen to Beijing in 80 days, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported. He finished his walk on Nov. 16. Yu did it to call on people to adopt low-carbon living and support for Asian Games 2010. He began walking on Aug. 29 with more than 25 kilograms supplies. He walked along the G107 road, and his daily walking limit was about 70 kilometers. He often walked into the evening hours and pitched a tent for the night.

HK reports one H5N1 avian flu case

A 59-year-old Hong Kong woman was found to have contracted H5N1 avian flu virus after visiting the mainland last month, Xinhua reported Wednesday. The patient went to the mainland on Oct. 23 where she visited Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. She developed flu symptoms such as a cough and fever on Nov. 2, one day after returning to Hong Kong, and she is now in a serious condition.

Zhengzhou water supply cut

A major water pipe in Zhengzhou burst Wednesday morning, disrupting the water supplies to over 800,000 residents, reported Xinhua. Water flowing from the pipe has been brought under control, but repairs will take another 60 hours. A reduced water supply will resume Thursday in some areas, but the central heating service will be suspended overnight.